About Us

Drawing from a combined of 15 years of experience, we are backed by technical know-how embedded in mechanical engineering. Years of experienced in the automotive and supply, solar industries and importing spare parts – as a team, the founders put together a new concept to supply turnkey, automation design and marketing for customers in the F&B industry.

As part of his desire to give back to the community, En Azam, one of our founder who is a mechanical engineering graduate from Japan, is committed to share his 15 years of business insights to food and beverage enthusiasts. Particularly to Bumiputeras embarking on this journey and wanting to grow in food industry with the latest technology and expertise.

Machines at Pumar Machineries offer a wide range of equipment, encompassing processing machines and systems to prepare, cook, stock and package food and food products. Our complete end-to-end solution includes both the hardware and software, including packaging and factory floor plan design.
We focus on traditional food such as bakery & confectionery, cookie, bread, pau, dim sum, mochi, kochi, meat balls, surimi, fish ball, frozen food, candy, chocolate, marshmallows, snack food, spring roll, samosa, gyoza, curry puff, roti canai, prata, crepe, cake, roti john, donut, chicken pie, moon coke and etc.

Type of equipment range from mixer, steamer, proofer, cutter, depositor, oven, cool room, blast freezer, conveyor system and automatic packaging.

The founders now provide training, consultancy and product know-how. In addition, the founders are credible and preferred agents for Italy, Japan, Taiwan and China with reasonably priced machines from middle to high quality equipment.

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